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February 8, 2016




LOS ANGELES, CA. February 8, 2016 - A newly formed trade association has launched today to meet the specific needs of broadband technology services to the multifamily industry.

Dubbed the Multifamily Broadband Council (“MBC”), the new organization seeks to assist broadband vendors, service providers and property owners/managers with the deployment of competitive broadband and IP services to multifamily communities nationwide.

“The goal is to create an organization that will provide a platform for all active broadband participants in our market to learn, engage and enhance their broadband technologies for this unique audience,” stated Dan Terheggen, the new President of MBC. “We see this market as growing more complex every day, while the importance of broadband technology continues to remain the number one amenity for apartment residents nationwide.”

The new Executive Director for MBC, Valerie Sargent, points out that the new association is an evolution from the previous Independent Multi-Family Communications Council (IMCC). “We seek to capture the needs of all companies that provide broadband-related services to this market. This includes manufacturers, distributors, content providers, network engineers, equipment suppliers, service providers, and their customers.”

The organization is also not limited to one infrastructure technology. “We see this marketplace filled with a variety of delivery methods including wireless, cable modem, DSL, Active Ethernet and fiber-to-the-home technologies,” Sargent continued. The Association’s view is that the over 33 million multifamily residents nationwide have specific broadband needs, and those companies outside of the franchise realm serving the market must have an organization that will harness ingenuity, a competitive spirit of innovation, and feature-rich broadband solutions that will benefit the end user most.

“The days of relying on a local cable company to bring property owners the best solution are gone, and connection needs for their residents continue to change rapidly as technology evolves,” Sargent said. “As someone who has worked within the multifamily industry for over 24 years, I am consistently hearing property owners across the U.S. ask about competitive broadband options for their new communities. MBC will be a great resource for them to find creative broadband solutions that will help attract new leases and contribute to resident retention at their properties.”

The board of MBC includes a broad base of industry participants, including DISH Network (the industry leader with its new over-the-top Sling TV product), Harmonic, Inc., Advanced Media Technologies, Perfect-10 and Pace International, among others.

“We believe the time has come for an organization to give the multifamily industry the options and unique products it craves, whether those are digital TV, broadband, apartment automation or the Internet of things,” Terheggen concluded.


For more information about Multifamily Broadband Council, please contact Valerie Sargent at (949) 274-3434. New website is currently under development and will be located at

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