Emergency Alert System Rules (EAS)

September 24, 1997, the Commission adopted a Second Report and Order (FCC 97-338 ), which modified the Emergency Alert System requirements as they apply to wired and wireless cable systems.  Also, a phase-in period was provided with additional time for small franchised cable television operators to comply with the EAS requirements stipulated in the Order.

The GOOD News is . . . The Commission declined to require the participation in EAS by Satellite Master Antenna Television Operators (SMATV), Open Video Systems (OVS), MMDS operators, and cellular and wired telephone services.

In May of 2002, IMCC checked with FCC Enforcement Bureau staff to be certain that SMATV operators are still not required to participate in EAS.  We were informed that we are not affected by the October 1, 2002 deadline requirements.

Additional information on EAS may be found on FCC web site at:; FCC Enforcement Bureau staff – (202) 418-7454, Kathy Berthot; or IMCC staff, at (202) 364-0882.