Legal Memo: Wiring Update

This article summarizes the most important points on several important decisions interpreting the FCC’s rules governing the disposition of cable inside wiring for MDU buildings.

Mandatory Access

The following states presently have mandatory access laws in place: 

MDU Litigation Strategies

This article suggests more winning strategies on issues not explicitly decided in litigation to date and identifies legal issues relating to inside wiring that, in the IMCC's opinion, the courts can and should decide in favor of our industry, given the right factual circumstances.

Myth vs. Reality - Opportunities for PCOs

An article by legal counsel, Bill Burhop, showing a historical look at risk-taking being essential to success and discussing opportunities for PCOs in today's industry.  Also published in BROADBAND PROPERTIES magazine.

Network Neutrality and Primer Courtesy of USIIA

This article covers the background of what is at the heart of the 'Network Neutrality' debate that affects both operators and users alike.


Details on rulings with regard to restrictions on Over-the-Air Reception Devices.

Program Access

Information about Congress’s recognition that exclusivity could be a legitimate business practice in a competitive environment, the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992 and how an imbalance of power limits the development of competition and restricted consumer choice.

Report & Order & Futher Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Exclusive Service Contracts 2007

This is the FCC's Report & Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in October 2007 with regard to Exclusive Service Agreements.

Retransmission Consent

FCC Regulations and PCO Responsibilities with regard to included channels in the line-up, otherwise known as Retransmission Consent and Must Carry Rules.

Signal Leakage

Details regarding what is required by the FCC to comply with specific signal leakage performance, operations and reporting requirements.