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Broadband Operator Representation Benefits for IMCC Members

Broadband operators and other independent service providers who are members of IMCC are better positioned to successfully navigate the inevitable changes in our industry.

With rapid technological advances in how media is distributed and consumed, along with large mergers and acquisitions being imminent, independent Broadband operators and other members of the supply chain need to be prepared.

Multiple System Operators, Franchise Cable and Telcos are lobbying hard with the FCC and Independent Operators’ and Service Providers’ rights are fought for by IMCC. All members of IMCC will ensure that their voices are heard while gaining a leg up against the competition.

IMCC fosters cooperation among its members, making independent PCO and ISP operators better equipped to compete against billion-dollar corporations in the multi-family market and beyond. Broadband operators can leverage IMCC’s vast network of industry leaders and experts to receive timely and powerful advice that will help grow your business, starting today.

IMCC provides independent broadband operators with strategic guidance, business leads and a voice with the media and the Federal Communications Commission. As a member of IMCC your Broadband business will be in a position to prosper, as not only do we provide networking and guidance, but we are also the go-to resource for Multi-Family communities who are looking for local support and eager to appoint the appropriate partner.  

Don’t wait for government regulations and legislation to threaten your business.  Join IMCC now to take advantage of our expansive knowledge base.  You can rest easily knowing you have representation through the only organization championing the rights of independent companies who are competing with large franchise operators in the MDU space.

Specific benefits include:

  • Support against issues stemming from franchise competition
  • Representation and a contributing voice in front of the FCC
  • Information exchange and networking among members
  • Alliances and partnerships with industry experts nationwide
  • Ability to be considered as a local solution when Multi Family-Owners ask IMCC to recommend a broadband service provider or services vendor
  • Ongoing support on aspects of running your organization
  • Access to our annual conferences to assist you in maximizing your profitability and exploring new revenue sources
  • Profile and listing on the IMCC website
  • Access to equipment, software, supplies and services from top industry companies
  • Powerful marketing and industry identification
  • Recommended Standards of Excellence for operation in multi-family communities