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The following standards are not intended to be legal advice, or something to be incorporated into a ROE.  They are simply to provide a roadmap for Operators to understand what owner expectations are, teaching them how to create successful relationships with multifamily owners.
Performance Standards
We recommend that Independent Broadband Operators who are members of IMCC utilize these Standards of Excellence to better serve their multifamily clients and residents:


  • Adhere to Permission to Enter policy
  • Techs will utilize photo IDs and will be professionally dressed
  • No parking in future resident parking (will follow safety standards on parking vans/trucks as set forth by the community)
  • Techs will always check in at office when on site during normal business hours
  • Company ID on vehicle
  • Door tag when in apartment; knock three times before entering
  • Insurance bonding of techs


  • Utilize a professional billing system
  • Adhere to subscriber privacy laws
  • Offer appointment windows for subscribers for installs and/or service tickets
  • Develop a credit policy for interruptions/outages of service
  • Support subscribers with 24/7/365 customer care
  • Have bi-lingual reps
  • Prepare and use sign-up forms in office with accurate/current pricing
  • Complete installs within 48 hours (exceptions to include holidays and weekends).
  • Respond to individual trouble tickets within 24 hours (system-level trouble tickets should require immediate response)
  • Provide quality, professional marketing
  • Utilize a website with information including but not limited to company, product, pricing
  • Allow for web access for trouble tickets (or self help) and/or provide FAQs
  • Give 30-day notice of product/service/price changes
  • Conduct a regular customer satisfaction study
  • Offer semi-annual (or more frequent) reports to clients


  • Equal to or better than local franchise cable operator (such comparisons to include content, pricing and features as mutually agreed upon by PCO and client
  • Reliable service with measurement based on individual and system-level outages
  • Upgraded to the current level of the PCO's competition


  • Professional management of bandwidth traffic
  • 24/7 help desk support
  • Speeds to be on par with the local market (down and up)


  • Mutually agreed upon standards regarding price and service levels compared to local competition


  • Will provide a good construction/conversion schedule to client
  • Will meet with client for walk-through after launch of system
  • Will address aesthetic concerns (exposed wiring for instance, landscaping issues, etc.)


  •  In-unit wiring shall be owned by property
  • Provider must maintain exterior wiring and utility boxes during term
  • Will carry liability insurance/coverage of $2M +
  • Will provide regular reporting to owner on property performance including surveys, trouble ticket analysis, etc.)
  • Complimentary accounts for common areas (clubhouse, fitness center)